The aim of our programme in Gloucestershire, around positive behaviour for domestic abuse perpetrators and those that want to secure a healthy relationship, is all about securing such positive and sustained changes; to make a difference in the lives of people - it isn't about receiving thanks but ........

 ...... receiving thanks is not only personally and professionally satisfying but it is also a valid piece of qualitative evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of a much needed service.

Our Gloucestershire team just received the following note of thanks ........

Hi (named team members),

Firstly, just want to check – is tonight my final session or next week?

Also want to say a really big thank you to you all, this course has been hugely helpful in my relationship with (name of partner) and for me personally. The service you provide is invaluable, and I am sure you have helped many a relationship in many ways…

In particular I want to thank (team member), who I believe has a real gift to opening people up, skilfully listening and helping people to understand their issues, behaviour and objectives in a non-confrontational, positive way.

So again, thank you. I really appreciate the help you’ve given me over the last 6 months.

 Best regards

Please follow the link for details of our support in Gloucestershire

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