Fawcett Society – Sex Equality – State of the Nation 2016 report. A brilliant well evidenced report as one would expect from the Fawcett Society.

Their analysis makes clear that there is a large pool of support for gender equality with the majority of people supportive of women’s equality and optimistic about its impact on the economy. Men emerge as important allies, more likely to advocate equality of opportunity and with a large proportion viewing equality as in their own interests.


Progress has been made too on attitudes to gender identity, with many rejecting the idea that we all fit into neat categories of ‘male’ or ‘female’. However, alongside a pro-equality majority of ‘hidden feminists’ the research also highlights pockets of resistance, particularly amongst those with decision making powers in recruitment. Whilst there are allies in this group, it seems likely that many of these gatekeepers retain traditional attitudes and may reflect these in their employment decisions – even if they are unaware that they do so.

Source: Fawcett Society 15 January 2016

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