It beggar's belief that we have a criminal justice system that is so removed from reality that it can introduce such puny custodial terms for brutal assaults on women.

Reported in Wales Online is a case where an assault was so brutal that it was described as 'the victim being thrown around like a rag doll'. A brave dog had intervened to save his owner and was later blamed by the perpetrator as causing the injuries.

The perpetrator was found guilty of 'unlawful wounding and criminal damage' and jailed for 30 months. So far so good!

Clearly we were not there at the time, or during the subsequent court case. However, questions must be asked of prosecuting authorities and of the presiding Judge who is said to have commented to the perpetrator, 'you really must control your temper'.

Control your temper??!!

Described in court was the prior offending behaviour: 58 previous offences, including a prison sentence for violent offences against the same women as in this case; a 16 month sentence for harassment of a previous partner.

Despite this history, he got 30 months? - out in???

His victim describes herself as 'being drained'

Just to put a final gloss, he even blamed the dog!

Source: Wales Online 17 March 2016

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