A place at a women's refuge is both a blessing and a harbinger of 'trouble and toil' to come, as the abused woman fleeing domestic abuse often forfeit their homes to escape the violence, the coercion and the toll it takes in terms of their mental wellbeing.

Because of the violence, many women say they perceive the streets as the safer option rather than the home.

Joint tenancies are no protection either, even in the cases of successful non-molestation or occupation orders; as they expire and there is no power to exclude the man permanently without further challenge and expense.

In a case reported in the Guardian, Amber (not her real name) fled her violent partner after trying in vain to secure his removal. She explained that, when she went to court, it was his version that was believed and there was never enough evidence to satisfy them, 'they treated me like a silly young girl who was over-emotional. They told me to seek counselling because I kept crying in court'.

Amber is now settled and happy in her own home but said. 'If the tenancy had been in my name initially I would not have lost so much; my possessions, my college course, my home and my stability'.

Another re-victimisation in a long line of victimisation.

Source: The Guardian 17 March 2016



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