The Archers (BBC Radio 4) storyline about the arrival of the charming farmer Rob, who whisked Helen off her feet before embarking on a subtle but deeply horrifying campaign of emotional abuse, has gripped and appalled the country.

Over many months Rob has gradually, but determinedly, isolated Helen from her friends and family, manoeuvred her out of her job, and played on her insecurities so she has become a shadow of her former self - where will this fictional, but all too real storyline, take us? Will we be offered working solutions? What is out there for victims of domestic abuse?

The staff of the Devon Domestic Abuse Service (led by Splitz) provide so much support and help to victims/survivors of domestic abuse and sometimes we get to hear their authentic voice, such as this recent feedback from a grateful client:
'the support that I have received from Splitz has been so much more than I could ever have imagined and has helped me to feel like I have my life back again. At the time I started working with xxxx I really felt stuck in a nightmare  which I could see no end to, it was just worsening all the time. xxxx was always very supportive and helped me to work through and make the decisions I needed to. Knowing that I had support and wasn't alone made such a difference. My children too are now much more settled and happier. I can never thank xxxx or Splitz enough for all that they have done not only for me but also for my children'.


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